Treasurer’s Reports & Transparency

The Sandoval County Treasurer believes that transparency is an integral part of serving the public and has created this page containing our monthly financial reports, as well as the County’s financial audit reports.

Sandoval County Treasurer’s Reports & Distribution Reports:

The Treasurer is required to compile a monthly financial report of all County funds. This report contains the following items:

  • Detail of Fund Balances
  • Detail of Fund Receipts
  • Tax Maintenance Schedule
  • Statement of Bonded Debt

In addition to those requirements, the Treasurer includes the Record of County Investments. The Sandoval County Treasurer’s Financial Report is filed with the County Clerk’s Office upon completion. Once the report has been filed with the Clerk’s Office, the report is distributed to the County Commissioners, the Sandoval Treasurer’s Investment Committee (STIC), the County Manager and Department Directors. We strive to complete this report by the 15th of each month.