Dianne Maes

County Manager

What is the Role of the County Manager?

In Sandoval County, the County Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the County and is directly responsible for implementing Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners policies and projects. To accomplish this, the County Manager leads a team of County Department Directors and key staff members.

The Department heads and key staff members that report directly to the County Manager include:

  • Administration Executive Assistant and Administrative Assistant
  • Community Services Department Director
  • Detention Center Director
  • Economic Development Director
  • Finance Department Director
  • Fire Department Chief
  • Human Resources Department Director
  • IT Department Director
  • Planning & Zoning Department Director
  • Public Information Officer
  • Public Works Department Director

The County Manager works diligently with all elected officals, department directors and key staff members to achieve all of the County’s goals and objectives.

How is the County Manager selected?

The County Manager is selected and appointed by the five member Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners.

What is the Background of County Manager Maes?

Dianne Maes was named County Manager for Sandoval County in June of 2017. At the time, she had been with Sandoval County for 15 years, starting as contracts administrator in the community services division and moving on to capital projects administrator.

She entered the management ranks as deputy director of county development. She then took on the role of strategic planner before being named director of business development & tourism in 2014.

Her strategic planning and business development experience was crucial to her selection as county manager.
Maes’ accomplishments as director of business development included:

  • Helping establish the Sandoval Economic Alliance, the public-private partnership that is the principal economic development organization within Sandoval County.
  • Helping establish the Sandoval Health Collaborative, another public-private partnership that promotes healthy lifestyles while also working to foster job growth within the healthcare sector.
  • Creating a Digital Media Lab at the Central New Mexico College Rio Rancho campus, which gives college students real-world experience by helping small businesses develop and execute digital marketing and media campaigns.
  • Promoting the county commission’s adoption of an ordinance that allows the county to help companies access state Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funds and other resources to bring a new business to Sandoval County or expand an existing one. Her office also helped small local municipalities develop similar ordinances of their own.
  • Developing an ordinance, also adopted by the county commission, establishing a clear process for evaluating proposals to finance projects with revenue bonds, including industrial revenue bonds.

“I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve as Sandoval County manager,” Maes said. “I began my career in government in 1990, and my time here has shown me what a truly special place Sandoval County is to work and live.”