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Kym Dicome
Planning & Zoning Director
Phone: 505-867-7628

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Department Availability

The P+Z window will be open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (closed between 12 p.m. through 1 p.m.).

No individual meetings will be scheduled unless approved by the Director.

Submittals can still be processed electronically but can now be
dropped off at the window.

What We Do

The Planning and Zoning Department processes zone changes, conditional uses, subdivisions and other activities regarding land use in the non-municipal and non-pueblo areas of the County for consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The division also oversees addressing, which assigns street names and addresses. Sandoval County does not issue construction permit, but Planning and Zoning must approve State-issued permits to assure zoning compliance.

How We Serve You

Landowners also are encouraged to visit with the Planning and Zoning Department staff prior to considering development or subdivision of a property. This will ensure that the property has the appropriate zoning and that all rules and regulations are followed. The Planning and Zoning Department staff is available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Their office is located at the Sandoval County Administrative Building, 2nd Floor, 1500 Idalia Road, Bernalillo, NM 87004.


An address is assigned as part of the building permit process. Once the building permit packet is accepted (see building permit checklist) an E911 Address is assigned to your vacant property (see addressing ordinance) and utilities will be authorized. You will need to have the Assessor’s Office Worksheet included with the verified property tax UPC number. If you are on tribal land you will need to contact your tribal entity for addressing. The Planning and Zoning Department does not address tribal land.

Addresses, once assigned, are entered into the E911 database so your location will be available for first responders in the Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department.

Note: In accordance with the Sandoval County Addressing Ordinance Section 11 –“No person shall install or cause to be installed any utility service, including, but not limited to electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone or cable television or any building required by this Ordinance to be assigned an address without first receiving a building permit and an address for that location. Utility companies must obtain approval from the Planning and Zoning Department prior to installation.”

Commercial & Industrial Development Review

The Sandoval County Commercial/Industrial Development Review Committee (C/IDRC) is the administrative reviewing body for fast-track review of proposed commercial and industrial projects (including public utility projects requiring Special Use zoning) within the County’s planning and zoning jurisdiction. The C/IDRC review procedure is coordinated through the County’s Planning and Zoning Division. The Sandoval County C/IDRC is comprised of staff from the Economic Development, Fire, Planning and Zoning, and Public Works divisions. Learn about the review procedures for this committee by clicking on the link below:

Planning & Zoning Commission
Zoning Clearance Letter for Business Registration

Business registration forms are located on the Economic Development web page, under Business Resources.  If you are registering your business in a location within Sandoval County, you will need a Zoning Clearance Letter from the Planning and Zoning Department.  This letter certifies that your property is properly zoned for your business, or will certify that a change of zoning on your property is needed to accommodate the business you would like to have.  The County’s zoning allows most home-based business without a required change of zoning.  For more information, please contact Makita Hill, Senior Planner, at the Planning and Zoning Department, (505) 867-7656, or


Notice: Pursuant to Sandoval County Planning & Zoning Commission Rules, Regulations and Procedures (Doc 25951)
– All documents and other tangible materials, excluding materials used only for demonstrative purposes at the hearing to facilitate witness testimony, should be submitted at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the hearing or meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission.”

Meeting Cancellations
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for July 21, 2020 has been cancelled. Read Notice.
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for June 23, 2020 has been cancelled. Read Notice.
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for Apr 21, 2020 has been cancelled. Read Notice.
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for Mar 24, 2020 has been cancelled. Read Notice.
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for Jan 21, 2020 has been cancelled. Read Notice.