District 3

Michael Meek (R)

Phone(505) 414-6247
2nd Term, Re-Elected November 2022
Seat Term January 2023- December 2026
Next election for this seat is November 2026

Serving the residents of Northern Rio Rancho.

About Vice-Chairman Michael Meek

Originally from the Pennsylvania area, Sandoval County Commissioner Michael Meek said he fell in love with the weather in New Mexico, which was one of his biggest deciding factors in his moving here.

Meek, who was a real estate agent in asset management when he first moved here, soon found another calling after he took a few EMT classes.

“I liked the adrenaline and a job opening came up, and because I volunteered with the city (Rio Rancho), I got into the fire department,” he said.

Meek said he worked hard for the next few years receiving a promotion every five years until he was asked to be the Fire Chief for the City of Rio Rancho.

“Before I ran for office I knew what it was like to deal with politicians and politics,” he said. “As a fire chief I had to attend all of the city council meetings and knew how things worked on a governmental level.”

Meek said in his role at the fire department he knew he had to be a team player for all of the moving parts around him to work.

“When I was elected to office it was the same exact motto,” he said. “Look at a problem, see how you can solve it along with its cost, prioritize it and follow through with getting it done.”

Meek said he enjoys being out among his constituents and hearing what is important to them.

The reward for serving as a commissioner is being able to move the County in a positive direction as we continue our growth as the fastest growing County in NM.