District 5

F. Kenneth Eichwald (D)

Northwestern Sandoval County, including the communities of Zia Pueblo, San Ysidro, San Luis, Torreon, Cuba, Regina, La Jara, Counselors, Ponderosa, Jemez Pueblo, Cañon, Jemez Springs, La Cueva, portions of Peña Blanca, portions of the Santo Domingo Pueblo, Cochiti Pueblo, and Sile.

About Commissioner F. Kenneth Eichwald


Kenneth Eichwald holds a High School Diploma from Menaul High in Albuquerque, a Bachelor’s Degree in education From the University of New Mexico and a Judicial Certificate from the University of Nevada.

Kenneth Eichwald has roots in Sandoval County that reach back several generations.

In fact, Eichwald’s grandfather, Aaron Augustine Eichwald, was a New Mexico State Senator and a Sandoval County Commissioner in the 1920s. Originally a trader, Eichwald’s grandfather was a German immigrant that married into a native New Mexican family from Gallina New Mexico. Eichwald said his mother’s side of the family had been in the Cuba area since Coronado’s conquest of New Mexico.

Eichwald’s father was a rancher who owned nearly 100 acres of land where he grew alfalfa, and raised livestock. Initially one of the last generations to experience the ranching life-style Eichwald said he learned a lot from his time working on the farm/ranch.

“It was never considered a sustainable way of life,” he said. “But it was what we knew and taught me and my siblings the value of hard work.”

Eichwald said he used his upbringing to forge a career as a teacher in Torreon for almost 10 years and a magistrate court judge for another 24 years eventually retiring in 2014. Eichwald said he ran for the Sandoval County Commission to help his District out with road issues.

“Since I’ve been in office I have had a chance to see the big picture and understand the process of government better,” he said. “I am excited to represent an area I’ve grown up in and understand well. I look forward to continuing my tenure as a representative for District 5 this year.”

District 5 Boundaries

Beginning at the intersection of Unser Blvd and 28th Ave:
Unser Blvd NorthKing Blvd
King BlvdWestEncino Rd
Encino RdNorthFrost Rd
Frost Rd WestMimansa Rd
Mimansa RdSouth29th Ave
29th Ave WestUnnamed Road west of 60th St
Unnamed Road west of 60th StSouthUnnamed Road
Unnamed RoadWestOne Arroyo
One ArroyoWestRio Puerco
Rio PuercoSouthSandoval County Line
Sandoval County LineWest, North, East, SouthRio Grande
Rio GrandeSouthCochiti Pueblo Boundary
Cochiti Pueblo BoundaryWest, SouthUnnamed ridge line
Unnamed ridge lineSoutheastUnnamed gully
Unnamed gullyEastUnnamed stream
Unnamed streamSoutheastUnnamed fence line
Unnamed fence lineEastUnnamed gully
Unnamed gully NortheastUnnamed ridge line
Unnamed ridge lineSoutheastUnnamed fence line
Unnamed fence lineEastUnnamed stream
Unnamed streamNorthUnnamed fence line
Unnamed fence lineEastCochiti Hwy
Cochiti Hwy SouthRio Grande
Rio GrandeSouthSanto Domingo Pueblo Boundary
Santo Domingo Pueblo BoundaryWest, South, EastSan Felipe Pueblo Boundary
San Felipe Pueblo BoundaryEast, South, WestArroyo de San Francisco
Arroyo de San FranciscoNorthI-25
I-25Southwestpower line
Power lineNorthwestSanta Ana Pueblo Boundary
Santa Ana Pueblo BoundaryWest, South, EastState Hwy 44 (Hwy 550)
State Hwy 44 (Hwy 550)NorthwestSanta Fe Hills Blvd
Santa Fe Hills BlvdSouthEnchanted Hills Dr
Enchanted Hills DrWestChayote Rd
Chayote RdSouthIdalia Rd
Idalia RdWestArroyo de Las Lomitas Negras
Arroyo de Las Lomitas NegrasNorthwest28th Ave
28th AveWestUnser Blvd
Ending at the intersection of Unser Blvd and 28th Ave.