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Sandoval County’s Human Resources Department is going digital! Starting October 1, 2018, all applications for Sandoval County’s open positions will be accepted on the NeoGov system. This online job application system makes applying for any open County position easy. By entering and saving your applicant information just one time, you can apply for more than one position with the click of a button. Your free account will save you time and make it easy for you to track the progress of your application.

We will accept paper applications through September 28, 2018. The County will then begin accepting applications through the online NeoGov system starting at 12 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1. For those without access to a computer, the Human Resources Department will have computers available for NeoGov account creation and application submission.

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Sandoval County is always recruiting for hardworking, qualified people to join our workforce. If you have a passion for public service and for serving the residents of our county, we could be a great fit for you!

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Interviews of qualified applicants are conducted by the hiring division. Dependent upon the number of applications submitted and the number of interviews scheduled, the screening and hiring process make take from two weeks to over a month. On average, applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications for a position will receive notice in one to two weeks after the job posting closes. Applicants who are interviewed, but not selected, will receive a notice from Human Resources regarding selection at the conclusion of the process.

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Applicants who wish to request a reasonable accommodation, may download a Job Applicant Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form or request one from the Human Resources Office at (505) 867-7505. All requests for reasonable accommodation are confidential.

Please contact the Human Resources Office at (505) 867-7505 if you have questions or require additional information. We are happy to assist you with the job application process.