District 2

Jay C. Block (R)

Phone(505) 252-6218
2nd Term, Re-Elected November 2020
Seat Term January 2021 – December 2024
Next election for this seat is November 2024


Serving the residents of Corrales and
Southeastern Rio Rancho.

About Commissioner Jay C. Block

Commissioner Jay C. Block was born in Manchester, NH, and grew up with a strong interest to serve his community at a young age. In 1987 and early 1988, he worked for the Jack Kemp for President campaign during the New Hampshire primary. In 1989, Jay graduated from high school and decided to serve his country, enlisting in the Air Force Reserve. He then transferred to the North Dakota Air National Guard while attending college at North Dakota State University where he also interned for a U.S. Senator in 1993 and graduated with a Political Science degree in 1995 and a commission through the Air Force ROTC program.

During Jay’s distinguished 21+ years as an officer, he served in numerous nuclear weapons assignments to include Minuteman III (MMIII) ICBM maintenance officer and an ICBM launch officer where he was hand-selected to test launch a MMIII missile in 2001. Later that year Jay earned a master’s degree in international relations from Troy State University that would help him during later assignments as the senior American on two foreign installations. Due to the ongoing Global War on Terror, Jay volunteered to serve in Afghanistan from 2005-06, where his biggest impact was commanding and organizing numerous humanitarian missions for the Afghan people.

Jay also had the distinction to command at two different locations where he served as the senior American officer representing our country on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic and at Volkel Air Base in The Netherlands. Jay retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2016 and he and his children decided to stay in Rio Rancho to settle down after 12 moves in 21 years.

Due to Jay’s vast experience working in the nuclear enterprise, Jay started a second career conducting business development in private industry leading a diverse team

Jay has three kids, one UNM graduate, and two Rio Rancho High School graduates.

Jay is dedicated to bringing economic development to Sandoval County and is involved in several charities in our county.