Contact Info

Please contact Sandoval County Emergency Manager Theresa Greeno for any emergency management questions at:

Phone: 505-771-7197
Fax: 505-867-7966

What We Do

Emergency Management Office is a division of Sandoval County Fire and Rescue. The office is charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.  In the event of a large incident or event, the office supervises and activates the Emergency Operations Center to support incidents and events, as well as, provide oversight on mitigation and planning.


To achieve a self-sustaining culture of emergency preparedness for all individuals and communities within Sandoval County.


To provide a resilient, comprehensive, and integrated whole community system to help save lives, prevent injuries, protect property, and preserve the County of Sandoval’s invaluable cultural and natural resources in the event of a major emergency or disaster.

How We Serve You

Emergency Management disseminates information to the public and provides training for various emergency-response agencies. The office also updates and maintains an emergency resource list, an Emergency Operations Plan, and organizes and supports the Local Emergency Planning Committee.

In addition, grants are managed to bring in training and improve responder equipment and infrastructure.

This office also utilizes the CodeRED emergency alert system for Sandoval County which serves as a communications tool for area residents.