There are various volunteer emergency preparedness programs you can get involved in. Below you will find a couple of the active programs in Sandoval County.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

FREE Emergency Preparedness Training

Are you ready for a disaster? Do you have supplies to last you and your family three days or more in the event of an earthquake, tornado, or power outage? CERT, Community Emergency Response Team, is a free training offered in Rio Rancho through the Fire Department intended to educate and prepare citizens for emergencies. After completion of the course, graduates may opt for inclusion to the list of active volunteers available to assist in disasters.

CERT training consists of 24 hours of training divided into 8 blocks, and trainings are held 3 times through the year. See the website for the exact schedule.

To learn more information or sign up for the CERT training, visit the website and contact:

Ms. Rose Martinez
Office: 505-891-5856

CERT Volunteers learning basic fire suppression skills

CERT Volunteers learning basic first aid skills

CERT Volunteers Graduating Class