Accountability, Efficiency & Transparency

  • Abide by state statutes governing the responsibilities of the county treasurer
  • Best Practices, Delegation of Duties, Safety and Security
  • Clean our tax roll
  • Collect to the best of our ability with respect and understanding
  • Enforce and abide by county and office policies and procedures
  • Keep the public informed
  • Provide accurate and timely financial reports
  • Provide detailed information for audit purposes
  • Update and formulate procedures, ordinances and laws that will assist our office productivity, security and efficiency.

Positive & Productive Work Environment

  • All staff graduate with their Certified Treasury Official (CTO) Certification
  • Educate, teach and train STO Team
  • Provide a friendly and efficient working environment for staff and taxpayers
  • Provide opportunities for growth and learning
  • Uplift and strengthen our Team
  • Work closely and communicate well with one another, departments and treasurers.

Profitable & Compliant Investments

  • Effectively manage the county’s investment portfolio
  • Invest wisely and cautiously with the assistance of a portfolio manager and my investment committee
  • Keep a qualified and experienced portfolio manager under the direction of the Treasurer
  • Maximize the rate of return on county investments with safety always at the forefront

Quality Customer Service

  • Fair, Firm & Consistent treatment toward all
  • Educate taxpayers of exemptions and information pertinent to the Treasury
  • Expand office hours during busy tax season
  • Make treasury information accessible for taxpayers
  • Community Outreach in our county