Obtaining a Sandoval County Business Registration

Anyone wishing to engage in business within the unincorporated areas of Sandoval County must file a registration form with the Sandoval County Clerk’s Office and obtain a valid business license.

To obtain your Sandoval County Business Registration, fill out the Business Registration Form and submit it in-person at the Sandoval County Clerk’s office, along with at $35.00 registration fee. If you are registering a new business, that business must first be registered with the State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, and you must bring a copy of your Registration Certificate with your CRS Number. You may find instructions for getting that certificate at the State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.

The business registration fee must be paid annually, and is due on the anniversary of the initial issuance of the business license. Certain businesses may be exempt from these requirements. The County ordinance governing business registration fees, which includes information on exemptions, is available here.

Business Registration Form

*Please fill out the “fillable” form using the button above, print and then turn the form into the Sandoval County Clerk’s Office in person.

Zoning Clearance Letter for Business Registration

If you are registering your business in a location within Sandoval County, you will need a Zoning Clearance Letter from the Planning and Zoning Department.  This letter certifies that your property is properly zoned for your business, or will certify that a change of zoning on your property is needed to accommodate the business you would like to have.  The County’s zoning allows most home-based business without a required change of zoning.  For more information, please contact Makita Hill, Assistant Director, at the Planning and Zoning Department, (505) 867-7656, or mhill@sandovalcountynm.gov.

Our Location

For Business Registration, visit the Sandoval County Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s office is located on the first floor of the Sandoval County Administration Building, 1500 Idalia Road, Building D, in Bernalillo. Click the map below for directions.