Sandoval County Fire and Rescue

Thank you for your interest in Sandoval County Fire and Rescue, one of the New Mexico’s fastest growing Fire and Rescue Departments. Our eight fire districts encompass over 3,700 square miles and serve a population in excess of 40,000. Because of our growth, we are always looking for new members who are interested in becoming emergency medical technicians, firefighters, or support personnel.

Serving as a volunteer firefighter, or EMT, can be a rewarding experience. The satisfaction of helping others and the exciting training are unparalleled. We are also in need of support personnel if you feel they cannot meet the physical challenges of becoming an EMT or firefighter.

You need not have the desire or intent to perform actual firefighting or emergency medical duties, although there are always vacancies in these areas.

Career Firefighter Opportunities

For information on future PRN position opportunities please contact the county fire administration at 505-867-0245.

Volunteer Fire/EMS Opportunities

Please contact the county fire administration at 505-867-0245
Volunteer Application

Residency Program Applications

To place your name on the interest list for any upcoming resident firefighter positions please call 505-867-0245