Contact Info

Eleni Fredlund
County Chaplain
Phone: 505-709-0033

The Chaplain and Peer Support Team is made of up several members all willing to assist in a time of need. To contact one of them, please first call Senior Chaplain Eleni Frendlund at 505-709-0033.

What We Do

The Chaplaincy/Firefighter Well-Being Program consists of licensed and/or ordained chaplains that provide specialized trainings, critical incident debriefings, peer counseling, education and skills for life improvement to the fire service family. They serve as an integral part of Sandoval County Fire and Rescue. Each chaplain is available to both paid staff or volunteer members of Sandoval County Fire and Rescue and provide on-scene support and victim assistance.

How We Serve You

The Chaplain is on-call 24/7 and can be dispatched as needed to any location within Sandoval County. In addition, with Fire Chief approval, Sandoval County’s Chaplains can also be dispatched to neighboring jurisdictions to assist with emergency situations.

The Chaplain may be requested to assist with the following types of incidents and special events, as requested. This list is just a sample of the situations in which a chaplain can be of service to Sandoval County:

  • Assist at accident and emergency situations involving serious injury or death
  • Attend and participate in funerals of active, retired members and the families of emergency service agencies: Fire, Rescue, EMS and Law Enforcement
  • Child abuse, sexual assault, hostage and suicide situations
  • Provide assistance to victims of crisis situations
  • Participate in and/or lead Critical Incident Stress Management Team and debriefings
  • Provide short-term, confidential counseling of Emergency Service personnel and family members and their children
  • Provide educational instruction in the areas of death, stress management, ethics, family life, victim response
  • Serve as a ready resource for any emergency service agency