About the Forms

Mailing Address for Probate Forms:
Sandoval County Probate Court
1500 Idalia Rd., Bldg. D.
PO Box 40
Bernalillo, NM 87004

Please note that there is a $30 docket filing fee due at the time the case documents are filed with the Court. Original filed paperwork is kept at the Court.

To receive your own endorsed copies of case documents filed, either:

  • Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address above with your own copies you wish to have endorsed, or;
  • Visit in person to receive endorsed copies of the documents. Copies are fifty cents per page. Certified copies are one dollar ($1.00) each.

Questions? Please contact the court at (505) 867-7645 or by email the Probate Clerk at amromero@sandovalcountynm.gov.

Please be aware that the Probate Court staff is not allowed to provide legal advice or assist you with completing any forms that might be needed. If you do not understand what information is needed on the probate forms, please review the instructions on this website, or consult an attorney.

The links below will take you to checklists that will give you some basic assistance, will inform you of what will be needed to open probate, and our docketing fee:

There are two types of forms for probate. The first type is if there is no will involved and the second is when there is a will. You can download and print the forms yourself by opening the PDFs below:


  • 4B-101- Opening and closing a probate court case (flowchart)
  • 4B-201 - Affidavit of poverty and indigency
  • 4B-202 - Order allowing free process
  • 4B-702 - Verified small estate closing statement of the personal representative

Due to the difficulty of keeping up with the frequent changes to the links to the New Mexico Supreme Court probate forms, the links to the probate forms will no longer be available through this website.

If you wish, you may still access the forms by going directly to the website below.

You can access directly the New Mexico Supreme Court probate forms by visiting the court site at https://www.nmcourts.gov/self-help/forms/ and then clicking on “Probate Forms” tab. If you need additional assistance or have difficulty accessing the forms then please contact the New Mexico Supreme Court directly with the contact information provided on their website.

As before, there is still an option of purchasing the full packet from the Probate Court. A printed probate packet that contains all the basic recommended forms and instructions can be purchased from the Court for $5. Upon request, we can also mail the complete forms packet to you for $5 plus postage. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact the court staff by phone or email for further information.