The SCHC will facilitate communication and collaboration among providers and consumers in Sandoval County with special emphasis on extending services to the rural areas of the County. SCHC will use a website to provide informational outreach to the County.
The SCHC will communicate and coordinate with Native American communities the county to determine how the councial can assist in meeting the unique health needs within those communities.

The SCHC will communicate with the three hospitals that serve Sandoval County with two goals in mind: to coordinate with County health providers to assure effective admission and discharge planning and to engage the hospitals in equitable extension of their services throughout the County.

The SCHC will perform periodic assessments of the health needs withing the county. These will be summarized in a yearly report to the county commission and the public. Based upon these assessments, the SCHC will develop and promote a community health improvement plan. The plan will support both improved access to and quality of health care services as well promote healthy lifestyle choices by county residents.