Become an Animal Ambassador!

The Community Services Department is always seeking compassionate hearts and competent hands to help care for the County’s homeless pets. The Animal Ambassador Program provides people the opportunity to help homeless pets through foster, adoption, or other volunteer opportunities.

Dogs impounded by Sandoval County are initially taken to a climate-controlled kennel facility located on the Administrative Campus at 1500 Idalia Road in Bernalillo, while cats are placed in feline-specific safe environments. Most pets impounded by Sandoval County are either returned to owner or transferred to an area agency for adoption. In some cases, however, homeless pets are adopted out directly through the Community Services Department. And in all cases where appropriate, the preference is to place impounded pets in temporary foster homes rather than a facility environment.

We use PetFinder and Adopt-a-Pet to post animals presently ready for adoption. Both links are accessible through the icons seen here.

Foster and Adoption Information
If you are interested in fostering or adopting an animal, you must first complete the application found HERE and return it to You will be subsequently contacted by a Community Services staff member regarding next steps.

Become a Volunteer
If you are interested in other ways to volunteer, please complete the general volunteer form found HERE and submit it to
For general questions or to inquire about lost or adoptable pets, please call (505) 867-7642.

Re-Homing Your Pet
Sandoval County should be proud to live in a County that finds fosters and adopters for so many animals each year. We also offer a different approach to surrendering your pets. We partner with Home to Home, which aids in community members finding another home for their pet, rather than placing the animal in a shelter, which are usually over capacity. Feel free to share the link for Home to Home with friends and family or take a look yourself.

Donate to our Medical Fund
If you’re not able to foster or otherwise volunteer but still wish to help, you may drop a check or money order off with our Finance Department made payable to Sandoval County Animal Services with “Medical Fund” in the note.

Far too frequently and perhaps not surprisingly, the homeless pets we receive are plagued by a variety of complex medical conditions. And just like costs of human health care, the costs of pet health care is pricey. Your donations into this fund help to cover the high costs of essential medical care for homeless pets and directly help to save lives!

Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Services

In 2002, the Sandoval County Commission enacted Ordinance 02-02-21.B, the Sandoval County Animal Control Ordinance. The Sheriff’s Office is continuously educating the residents of Sandoval County about the Animal Control Ordinance and New Mexico State Law. Violations of the Sandoval County Animal Control Ordinance or State Law could result in the impound of animals, a misdemeanor citation or even arrest with fines up to $300. Copies of the Animal Control Ordinance may be obtained at the Sheriff’s Office or click here.

Learn more about Animal Control Services