Our Mission & Vision

Mission: We will promote, create, and support healthy communities.
Vision: Sandoval County communities support individuals and families to lead satisfying and productive lives.

The broad-based nature of the council provides an ideal forum for introducing and implementing environmental strategies that impact community norms, laws, policies, regulations, enforcement, community awareness and media efforts, and require input and collaboration from many community partners.

Council History

The Sandoval County Family Health Advisory Council was established by the County Commissioners in 1991. Then, in September 2001, the Commissioners established the Sandoval County Health Alliance. Following a two-year period with the loss of state funding, the Sandoval County Health Council (SCHC) was established by the Commission in June of 2013.

What We Do

The SCHC facilitates communication and collaboration among providers and consumers in Sandoval County with special emphasis on extending services to the rural areas of the County. SCHC also communicates and coordinates with Native American communities in the county to determine how the council can assist in meeting the unique health needs within those communities.

The SCHC works with the three hospitals that serve Sandoval County with two goals in mind: to coordinate with County health providers to assure effective admission and discharge planning, and to engage the hospitals in equitable extension of their services throughout the County. The SCHC also performs periodic assessments of the health needs within the county. These results are summarized in a yearly report to the county commission and the public. Based upon these assessments, the SCHC develops and promote a community health improvement plan. The plan supports both improved access to and quality of health care services, as well promotes healthy lifestyle choices by county residents.

Health Council Recruitment

We’re recruiting for new Council members! Visit the Health Council Recruitment page for more information.

The Council

The SCHC is fortunate to have health care providers and consumer representatives drawn from throughout Sandoval County. These representatives play a vital role in communicating the needs of their constituencies and promoting council information and activities. The SCHC provides for cross-collaboration of issues and ideas between organizations that might otherwise not have the opportunity to work together.

Name Term ExpiresAgencyRole
Adesso, Rick
(Council Chair)
12/31/22El Pueblo Heath ServicesExecutive Director
Allena, Thom
(Council Vice Chair)
12/31/22Thom Allena AssociatesManaging Partner and Community Org Psychologist
Brasher, Dr. Lester12/31/22Sandoval CountyClinical Supervisor
Butcher, Dr. Barbara12/31/22State Dept of HealthNurse Supervisor
Coburn, Angela12/31/24Pres Medical ServicesCentral Regional Director
Martin, Jan
12/31/22UNM College of NursingAssistant Professor
McKinney, Courtney12/31/22Sandoval Regional Medical CenterConsultant
Savilla, Philip12/31/22Retired State Tribal LiaisonTribal Liaison
Singh, Dr. Gurdeep12/31/24Sandoval Regional Medical CenterHospitalist
White, Morris12/31/22Health and Fitness Co.Founder / Consultant
Yepa, Kristyn12/31/24Isleta PuebloPublic Health Director

Meetings & Agendas

The Sandoval County Health Council meets on the following dates and times, and at the following locations:

2022 Meeting Dates & Agendas

All meetings will occur via Zoom unless indicated otherwise.

  • January 12, 2022 – Full Health Council Meeting
  • April 13, 2022 – Full Health Council Meeting
  • April 20, 2022Meeting Agenda
  • July 13, 2022 – Full Health Council Meeting
  • October 12, 2022 – Full Health Council Meeting
  • November 9, 2022Meeting Agenda
  • January 11, 2023 – Full Health Council Meeting

** Planning/Equity committee will meet the first Wednesday of every month

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