The DWI Program works primarily with Sandoval County Courts. These include Sandoval County Magistrate Court, Cuba Magistrate Court, 13th Judicial District Court, Rio Rancho Municipal Court, Village of Corrales Municipal Court, the Cuba Municipal Court, and Tribal Courts located within the County.

The DWI Compliance Program is essential to provide appropriate level probation supervision with an accredited Court Compliance Officer and hold offenders accountable, ensuring that referred DWI and Domestic Violence offenders complete their Court ordered sentence requirements; to provide offense specific referral services for DWI and alcohol involved DV offenders; and to ensure improved court – DWI Program communication in the management of DWI and alcohol related cases through enhanced data collection, data entry and data management


The DWI Program provides treatment to 1st offenders, DWI Multiple Offenders, Domestic Violence Offenders, and Offenders referred to the program for Anger Management and other Substance Abuse issues. Self referrals are also accepted. All Counseling services are provided by licensed counselors who provide a clinical assessment (ASI) and administer a SASSI, as well as conduct a clinical interview. Clients are referred to treatment which consists of treatment planning, individual and/or group therapy, and Acu-detox (Acupuncture Treatment for Substance Abuse) based on their clinical assessment.