The SCHC Mission

We will promote, create, and support healthy communities

The SCHC Vision

Sandoval County communities support individuals and families
to lead satisfying and productive lives

History of the Sandoval County Health Council (SCHC)
The Sandoval County Family Health Advisory Council (FHAC) was established by the County Commissioners in 1991, in response to passage of the New Mexico Maternal and Child Health Plan. The FHAC was comprised of Sandoval County health and social service providers whose purpose was to coordinate maternal and child service delivery for county residents.

Recognizing that health issues of mothers and children need to be addressed within the context of healthy communities, FHAC members recommended in 2000 that the Sandoval County Commissioners establish a broad-based Community Health Alliance. In September 2001, the Commissioners established the Sandoval County Health Alliance.

Following a two-year period of loss and of state funding, the Sandoval County Health Council (SCHC) was reestablished by the Commission in June of 2013.

The SCHC is fortunate to have 15 health care provider and consumer representatives drawn from throughout Sandoval County. These representatives play a vital role in communicating the needs of their constituencies and promoting council information and activities. The SCHC provides for cross-fertilization of issues and ideas between organizations that might otherwise not have the opportunity to work together.

The broad-based nature of the council provides an ideal forum for introducing and implementing environmental strategies that impact community norms, laws, policies, regulations, enforcement, community awareness and media efforts, and require input and collaboration from many community partners.


Past Successes of the Sandoval County Health Council

The SCHC has been successful in advocating for services that contribute to the health and quality of life of Sandoval County residents. Among the successes are:

  • The creation of the Sandoval County Health Commons in Bernalillo that delivers direct services to low-income county residents with special focus on expectant families and families with young children.
  • Support for the creation of a Sandoval County transportation system that provides daily bus transportation to essential services for isolated residents of the county.
  • Perfomance of a survey every two years to assess the health status and needs of county residents.
  • Development of Community Health Profiles for Sandoval County, and based upon those profiles, creation of a Community Health Improvement Plan.
  • Development of a directory of health and social services in Sandoval County.