Because your vote counts, Sandoval County Clerk Anne Brady-Romero and the Bureau of Elections (BOE) are making every effort to assist residents in updating their voter registration information. The goal? Voter Rolls Accuracy! Here Karla Miera {left) and Lorraine Smith {right) of the BOE help a resident to do just that at the recent Voters Rolls Accuracy On-Site event, held June 23, 2023, at the County Administration Building.

The County Clerk reminds residents that there are four ways to submit changes: website, email, phone, or in person. Updates include either a change of address or taking someone off the Voter Rolls because they are deceased. Documentation is required for all updates. Another on-site event will take place prior to the 2024 elections. For more information, contact the Bureau of Elections at 505-867-7577 or visit