Treasurer’s Office Collection Rate on the Rise

The Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office is proud to announce that their collection rate for property taxes has increased to 99.32% on a total of over $1.132 billion, for the last 10 years charged to the Treasurer to collect. Such a high collection rate means that programs and services are more quickly funded so they can assist residents in Sandoval County.

“Property taxes are the main funding source for all County programs and services (25%), as well as for other entities such as school districts (42%) and municipalities (20%),” said Sandoval County Treasurer Laura M. Montoya. “My office is charged with the important task of collecting taxes, and distributing and reporting what is collected on a monthly basis. I strongly believe that if everyone is contributing their fair share of property tax payments, it shifts a lighter burden on everyone.”

Resident property tax payments are allocated in six different categories as demonstrated in the graphic to the left:

Treasurer Montoya credits her office’s high property tax collection rate with several payment and education efforts. Some of the payment and educations opportunities offered by the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office include:

  • Convenient payment methods, including online, over the phone (in English & Spanish), hearing impaired phone line, drop-box, in-person and by mail;
  • Payment outreach events at seven different senior and community center locations across the county, where residents can sit one-on-one with a Treasurer’s Office representative to make a payment or ask property tax questions;
  • Outreach efforts to educate the public on the importance of property taxes and how their tax dollars are allocated;
  • A website that’s easy to understand and informative (
  • And the newest feature is a redesigned property tax bill that is easier to understand and highlights important information such as the account number, the taxable value, total tax rate, total due, payment coupons, and more. It also includes the verification code for those that would like to “go-green” and receive their tax bill electronically.

“It’s important to me that we provide quality customer service, convenience, transparency and education to our residents. I would like to thank our taxpayers for assisting us in reaching another milestone in the highest collection rate this county has ever had,” said Treasurer Montoya.

Learn more about the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office Outreach Program and the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office online at: