Three Deputies Honored for Outstanding Performance

The Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department has recognized three deputies for outstanding performance during the past year.

The deputies—two veterans and one recent Law Enforcement Academy graduate—received special recognition at the January 8, 2015 meeting of the Sandoval County Commission.

The three officers are:

  • Exavier Aguilar
  • Robert Salas
  • Jacob Trujillo

Deputy Aguilar was cited for being nominated as Deputy of the Year for 2014. “Deputies are nominated for this award by their peers, based on their performance, attitude and actions throughout the year that exemplify quality law enforcement or otherwise go beyond the call of duty in promoting professional law enforcement services,” said Undersheriff Karl Wiese.

“We believe that being nominated is in itself deserving of recognition,” Wiese added, as he called Deputy Aguilar before the commission. He then noted that the deputy was nominated for the award based on his reputation for being a team player who always looks for creative ways to assist fellow officers.  “When Deputy Aguilar transports prisoners, it’s not uncommon for him to discreetly solicit information that is passed on to patrol or investigation officers.” In many instances, Wiese said, that information has helped solve cases.

Deputy of the Year
Deputy Salas was named the 2014 Deputy of the Year. “Deputy Salas is enthusiastic about his job and is committed to the welfare of citizens,” Wiese said in announcing the award. “During a period of time last year, the Sheriff’s Office was short a sergeant, and Deputy Salas accepted the responsibility of serving as a temporary interim sergeant.”

During that time, Wiese said, Deputy Salas displayed leadership potential by successfully handling critical incidents, dealing with employee issues and representing the Sheriff’s Office in a positive manner. “He did that knowing that it was a temporary assignment, and he would have to return to regular deputy duties at the end,” Wiese said.

The third honoree, Jacob Trujillo, was recognized for being named valedictorian of the most recent graduating class of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.  That designation means he was the highest-scoring cadet across a broad range of training categories—including, shooting, defensive driving and academics.

In the ceremony before the commission, Wiese noted that by be named valedictorian, Trujillo fulfilled a promise he made during his interview for a position as Sandoval County Deputy. “He said that not only would he live up to the high standards that we set for our deputies,” Wiese said. “He said he would make us proud, and he has done that.”