Seniors Serving Sandoval County Senior Programming Feted at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Event Sponsored by the Sandoval County Community Services’ Senior Program and Senior Volunteer Program

More than 80 senior volunteers for Sandoval County enjoyed their appreciation luncheon under the tent on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Held in the Health Commons parking lot at the County Administration Campus, 1500 Idalia Rd., Bernalillo, NM 87004, this luncheon was the first in two years at which the celebrated volunteers could lunch together! They are members of the RSVP Program (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) and the Senior Companions Program.

The festivities included lunch by Chalkboard Eats (Smoked Meatloaf or Eggplant-Parmigiana) and sweets (cake and treats from the ice cream cart). Guests also received an annual appreciation gift for their service to the community along with other items including sun-care kits, reusable straws, and hot and/or cold packs. In addition, guests could commemorate the day with a photo from the photo booth.

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