Join Sandoval County for the 2018 Holiday Craft Fair featuring businesses, crafters and artisans based in Sandoval County! This event is the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the great vendors in our county and allow folks an easy way to take care of their holiday shopping list.

Shoppers are encouraged to join the event to “wrap” up some of their holiday shopping anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Entry is free and parking is plentiful. The event will be hosted on the first floor/atrium level of the County’s Administration Building. We have over 30 vendors schedule to sell their goods at this fun event! Plus, those in attendance may enter a raffle drawing for great prizes from vendors in attendance.

The Sandoval County Administration Building is located at 1500 Idalia Road, Building D, First Floor, Bernalillo, NM 87004. It’s the three story building North of the District Court and next to the Health Commons facility.

Vendors Scheduled to Attend

The following vendors are confirmed and scheduled to attend the Holiday Craft Fair. Be sure to check out your favorites or all of these vendors on Dec. 7 for great deals, quality goods and creative finds!

  • Courtney Yazzie – Stuffed horses, stick horses, jewelry boxes and more – Booth 3
  • Art by Moe – Plaster sculpted angels, paintings, vintage windows, colored pencil drawings and more – Booth 4
  • YLE Paper Designs – Glitter tumblers, ornaments, keychains, earrings and more – Booth 5
  • A Touch of Glass – Fused glass jewelry, functional ware and more – Booth 6
  • Useful Yuccas – Walking sticks and more – Booth 7
  • Rosanna Toya – Native American pottery, figurines, wreaths and more – Booth 8
  • Beth Green – Sewing items, kitchen items, wreaths and more – Booths 9 & 10
  • Bev Nagy – Baskets, bracelets, wreaths, pottery, ornaments and more – Booth 11
  • Midnight Stage Designs – Hand tooled leather accessories, beadwork and more – Booth 12
  • Enchanted Beads by JM – Southwest jewelry and more – Booth 13
  • Kewa Pottery – Traditional pottery and more – Booth 14
  • M. LaWayne Leonard – Woodworking crafts and more – Booth 15
  • Thirty-One Gifts – Purses, totes, home decor, storage/organization items and more – Booth 16
  • Dorothy Emery – Beaded jewelry and more – Booth 17
  • Granny’s Treasures – Embroidered items, Christmas items and more – Booth 18
  • Lilla Rose Ohana – Hair accessories and more – Booth 19
  • Wildtree – Organic spice blends, sauces, cooking oils and more – Booth 20
  • Scentsy/Lularoe – Scensty brand items and Lularoe clothing – Booth 21
  • Crafts by Nene – Wooden crosses, diamond paintings, walking canes and more – Booth 22
  • Paparazzi $5 Jewelry – $5 nickel and lead free Paparazzi jewelry items – Booth 23
  • Nikki Holm – Rice bags, ornaments, elves, slime and more – Booth 24
  • Jade Forest Ceramics & Brushwork – Painted stoneware, dishes, teacups and more – Booth 25
  • Pampered Chef – Kitchen items and more – Booth 26
  • Angelica DeAguero – Pottery, beaded jewelry and more – Booth 27
  • Myndartz – Hats, clock records, fused glass, ornaments, jewelry, vases, paintings and more – Booth 28
  • Patricia Swearingen – Gemstone jewelry and more – Booth 29
  • Designs by Sherelle – Jewelry, paper items and more – Booth 30
  • Song & Branch – Ceramic art and more – Booth 31
  • LG Arts – Jewelry, wooden crafts, drums, glass etchings and more – Booths 32 & 33

Booth Reservations

Event Booths SOLD OUT

Vendor Event Schedule

The one day Sandoval County Holiday Craft Fair will have time for vendor set up, sales to the public and vendor teardown/clean up. Below you’ll find the schedule for the day.

  • Vendor Set-Up – 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Holiday Craft Fair – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Vendor Teardown/Clean Up – 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Parking is free and available on site. However, the site does not have a loading dock. Therefore, please be prepared to walk your merchandise, and any set up items you may need, into the building. It is recommended that vendors be prepared with a hand truck, cart or dolly to make set-up and teardown more efficient. Table assignments will be made on a first come, first served basis and we will try not to place vendors with similar items on tables next to one another.

Vendor Licenses & Permits

Those businesses/crafters/artisans who would like to sell food for on-site consumption, should be sure to have the proper permits from the State of New Mexico. To learn more about food permits or submit an application, visit the State of New Mexico Environment Department at: Those who wish to sell pre-packaged food for off-site consumption (pre-packaged jerky, cookies, etc) may also visit that same website for helpful information.

*It is up to the individual business/crafter/artisan to determine any need for a license or permit, and to obtain any necessary licenses and permits, and to be responsible for any and all taxes owed for their sales at the event.

Contact Us

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