Sandoval County Fire Department Bans Open Burning

The Sandoval County Fire Department has stopped issuing burn permits for the unincorporated areas of Sandoval County.

In recent days, the county fire department has responded to several wild land fires. In addition, several county residents who are accustomed to performing agricultural burns have reported their fires getting out of control.

We realize that agricultural burning is crucial for certain farming operations, Sandoval County Fire Chief James Maxon, said. However, the risk of having a fire get out of control is too great at this point.

As a result, all open flame sources such as campfires and agricultural burns will be banned until further notice.

I strongly encourage everyone to be vigilant about fire prevention so a catastrophic fire does not occur, Chief Maxon added.

In addition to the ban on open burning, the use of fireworks is prohibited in any wild land area in Sandoval County. The use propane grills is still allowed, though smoking outdoor is discouraged.

The fire ban and fireworks restrictions will be enforced by the Sandoval County Fire Marshal and the Sandoval County Sheriffs Office. Anyone found to be conducting an open burn or using illegal fireworks will be subject to arrest and or fine. County residents should report illegal burning or fireworks to 505-891-7226.

For additional information, visit the fire departments website.