Plan Background

The purpose of the Sandoval County All Hazards Mitigation Plan (Plan) is to identify natural hazards that impact the various jurisdictions located within Sandoval County, assess the vulnerability and risk posed by those hazards to community-wide human and structural assets, develop strategies for mitigation of those identified hazards, present future maintenance procedures for the plan, and document the planning process. The Plan is prepared in compliance with DMA 2000 requirements and represents a complete revision of the 2014 Plan.

Current Plan Status

The Sandoval County Fire Department hired a new Emergency Manager in the middle August of 2018 and they were tasked with updating the 2014 Sandoval County All Hazards Mitigation Plan. Initial project discussions occurred via phone and email communication between the Sandoval County Office of Emergency Management and personnel listed as part of the 2014 HMP planning team. The team initially convened to review the scope of work, establish communication protocols for the planning effort, outline the plan objectives, outline the anticipated meeting agendas, and to discuss the new Plan format and other administrative tasks. The first Planning Team meeting was convened on September 6, 2018 and a total of eight planning team meetings will be conducted over the period of September 2018 through December 2018.

    Community Feedback Survey

    As we proceed with the update to this very important public safety plan, we’d like to hear from the community. Participants in our community feedback survey are asked to answer a few questions to help us learn more about the history of hazard events in your area. Some questions are geared towards your personal and professional experience with natural hazard events., while other questions are included to receive your input on which natural hazards pose the greatest threat to your area and what type of actions could reduce the risk from them.

    Please indicate the appropriate answer for each question and/or write in a response, where indicated. The more detailed your response the better it will help us to understand the hazards and risks you face. To take the community feedback survey, just click on the button below:
    (Survey submission has concluded)

    Moving Forward

    Upon completion of Public Input the Planning Team will gather the received information and incorporate it into the plan, as needed. When the plan DRAFT is complete it will go to the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for review and then on to the FEMA Region VI Office for review and approval.

    Once we have obtained FEMA approval we will receive a Letter of Approval from them and all the participating jurisdictions will have public meetings to formally adopt the plan through an official resolution with their governing body. Upon receipt of the Approval Resolutions the County will then distribute a Complete Plan, both digital and hard-copy, to all the participating jurisdictions. An approved plan will be “good” for five years and then another revision will be required for our jurisdiction to be written and approved by FEMA.