Go Green: Get Your Property Tax Bill by E-Mail

The Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office is making it possible for property owners to save time, paper and money by opting to receive their tax bills electronically.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez signed legislation during the 2015 Legislative session that permits the Treasurer’s office to send the tax bill electronically if the property owner wants to receive notices by electronic mail rather than regular first class mail.

The Treasurer’s “Go Green” initiative was launched at the beginning of the current tax-payment season, which began with the mailing of the 2015 Tax Bills on November 2, 2015. Those bills cover the first half of the 2015 taxes due by December 10, 2015 and second half of the 2015 taxes due by May 10, 2016. Taxpayers can opt to have those bills—and all future bills—delivered to their email boxes instead of receiving paper copies via the postal service.

The easiest way to make that switch is to use a mobile phone or other mobile device to download an app that will scan the quick response code (the black and white square) located in the top-right portion of the tax bill. That will take you to a portion of the county treasurer’s website that gives directions for signing up for electronic bill delivery. Taxpayers also can sign up for electronic delivery by going to the Pay Taxes section of the treasurer’s website: https://www.sandovalcountynm.gov/paytaxes.

They also have the option of signing up for future E-bills by contacting the Treasurer’s Office by phone or in person. The Treasurer’s Office phone number is 505-867-7581.

“This Go Green initiative is just one of several ways we are working to make it easier for taxpayers to interact with our office and decrease printing and mailing costs,” said Sandoval County Treasurer Laura M. Montoya. “We have the outreach program in which our tax researcher liaisons go to senior centers and community centers to answer questions about taxes and accept payments. We also have added locations for making payments, such as the drop box at the county administration building and New Mexico Bank & Trust branches in Rio Rancho. We hope that electronic bill delivery will make it even easier for taxpayers to make their payments, save their files and possibly pay online.”

Treasurer Montoya also wanted to stress that electronic bill delivery is completely optional. Any taxpayer that does not feel comfortable with this option can still receive a paper bill. Anyone who signs up for E-bills will receive both a paper bill and an electronic bill for the 2016 tax season.