Free 1/2 Day Landfill Days

Friday, September 23, 2022

Thank you, Sandoval County residents!

More than 600 county residents didn’t let their Saturday (9/17/22) go to waste! Instead, they brought their waste to the Sandoval County Landfill. Saturday morning was free half-day DUMP DAY and more than400 residents took advantage of the free morning program disposing of 247,455 tons of waste. In the afternoon, another 186 residents made their way to the landfill with their contributions bringing the total waste tonnage to 405,465 in just one day.  

What are some of the items that now rest in our landfill from Saturday’s activity?

45 TVs
57 Tires
6 Vehicle Batteries
16 Appliances
100 Gallons of paint
50 Gallons of used motor oil
10 Gallons of used antifreeze
30 Mattresses

The next free half-day DUMP DAY at the landfill will be in conjunction with Town of Bernalillo on November 19th. View Landfill Flyer.

Thank you, Sandoval County residents, for keeping our county tidy.