Fraud Alert: Foreclosure Postcards, Calls & Door Knocks

The Sandoval County Assessor’s Office and the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office have recently been receiving phone calls and inquiries from concerned county residents about postcards, calls and home visits related to home foreclosure. The information contained in these cards, calls and visits seems to indicate that the resident’s home is about to go into foreclosure or be placed up for auction. It has been determined that the postcards, calls and home visits are likely fraudulent in nature. The postcards, calls and visits do NOT come from Sandoval County, nor are the individuals associated in any way with Sandoval County.

Many of the inquiries we have received have been from residents living within the incorporated areas of the City of Rio Rancho. Because of this, we have notified the Rio Rancho Police Department and leadership at the City of Rio Rancho. Should you receive a suspicious looking postcard, phone call or home visit, related to possible foreclosure or auction of your home, and you live within the City of Rio Rancho, please contact the Rio Rancho Police Department  at: (505) 891-7226. If you reside in an unincorporated area of Sandoval County, and receive a suspicious looking postcard, phone call or home visit like what is described above, you may contact the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department at: (505) 867-7526.

Another option available to you, if your home is still financed and you have concerns about a postcard, call or visit you have received, is to contact your financial institution. The financial institution who has financed your home will be able to confirm the validity of the postcard, calls or visits.

*Please note: The Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office does handle property taxes and if you have questions about a payment for your property taxes, then they would be the appropriate office to contact.