Fire Department advises residents near Thompson Ridge to prepare for evacuation

The Following is a message from Sandoval County Emergency Management

The Thompson Ridge Fire is still active and poses a threat to adjacent communities. An evacuation order could be issued at anytime.

Residents of Thompson Ridge and Rancho de La Cueva areas are encouraged to prepare by gathering the items they would need to take if they are required to evacuate. Conditions already have caused officials to limit travel on the roads near the fire. Residents who already have left the area will not be allowed to return until the threat subsides.

At this time, full-time residents who are still in their homes may remain, but travel will be restricted to necessary activities such as going to and from work. If an evacuation order is issued, all residents will have to leave the area until the order is lifted.

Residents should monitor media outlets and emergency communication channels for future messages related to the fire.

Updated information will be issued as needed and posted on the county’s website at