The objective of Sandoval County Code Enforcement is to work with and serve the residents of Sandoval County and promote a safe and healthy living and working environment for our residents, businesses, and visitors. Code Compliance maintains and improves the quality of our community through the administration of a fair and unbiased enforcement program.

All complaints can be filed on line or through the mobile app (see below). Once a complaints is filed and validated, the county’s Code Enforcement Official will schedule an inspection of the site visit at which time photos will be taken and documentation of the complaint shall be noted. If the Code Enforcement Official determines there is a violation, a Notice of Violation (“NOV”) is sent to the property owner/occupant by certified mail. Note that under certain circumstances and as allowed by the Zoning Ordinance, a sign may be posted at the subject site in place of mailed NOV. The owner/occupant must remedy/address the violation within the allotted time noted on the latest NOV. An additional NOV may be sent. If the violation is not addressed adequately and in a timely manner, a complaint will be filed with the Magistrate Court.

If you would like to make a complaint you can use our Code Enforcement Complaint Form or through the Mobile App

Or if you have questions, please contact Cat Martinez
Phone 505-867-7628
Planning & Zoning Department
Sandoval County Administration,
Building “D” 2nd floor
Bernalillo NM, 87004