Preserve Sandoval County's Beauty
Be part of the solution, not the pollution

You may have noticed that many public roads in Sandoval County have been spoiled by trash. The County Commission would like to keep our local area beautiful by removing these “dump sites.” You can help, and be paid for it! If you sign up to clean a dump site, you can make at least one hundred dollars ($100). Learn more by viewing the areas below and filling out the sign-up form.

If you would like to report a "dump site", please fill out our Code Enforcement Complaint Form or report through the Mobile App

Interested in becoming a Preserve Sandoval Clean-up Contractor?
It’s easy! Just click here to complete the application and required business forms, and to request the sites that you would like to clean up.

Site 015Sandia Blvd & 32nd St SWMap LocationD4_Site015
Site 02632nd St NWMap LocationD4_Site026
Site 03728th Ave NW & Date Rd NWMap LocationD4_Site037


Click the link below to access a map of the Preserve Sandoval Sites.

Please be aware, that the sites are reviewed as a first come, first serve basis.
As a result, the status may be listed as “Available”, but this site may be under review for another vendor.
We will update the map as soon as we are able.

Preserve Sandoval Site Map