Congregate and Homebound Meals
These services include providing Dietary Reference Intake DRI meals to eligible and registered seniors throughout the county. These meals are prepared at three of the six senior centers, Bernalillo, Cuba and the Rio Rancho Meal Site. The Bernalillo Senior Center prepares meals for the Pena Blanca Senior Center, Jemez Valley Senior Center and Placitas Senior Center. The Rio Rancho Meal Site prepares meals for the Corrales Senior Center. Meals are served at the senior center and are also delivered to the home of seniors that have been assessed to be eligible for homebound meals.

These services include providing transportation to eligible and registered seniors to and from the center for meals, activities and recreational events scheduled at or away from the center and medical appointments, prescription pick-ups, activities, local shopping and banking.

Enhanced Fitness
The Senior Centers offer one-hour group Enhanced fitness classes, such as stretching, flexibility, balance, low-impact aerobics, Yoga, Zumba and strength-training using appropriately credentialed practitioners. Enhanced fitness classes are evidence based activities, which are demonstrated through evaluation to be effective for improving the health and wellbeing for senior participates.