SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring)

This is an ankle bracelet worn by the offender and used as a monitored sobriety tool. It has the ability to detect alcohol use 24/7. A sample from the offender is extracted every 30 minutes to determine alcohol use; this is a non invasive process. This is a passive system; the data is analyzed in order to confirm all drinking events. Our staff is notified daily regarding drinking events or other forms of non-compliance. This system is Court approved and an evidence based practice.

SCRAM X (provides Alcohol Monitoring and House Arrest)

This is the same bracelet as the SCRAM device, with SCRAMx you can add In-Home Detention as a feature, allowing the offender to wear one bracelet, while utilizing two functions. Weekly schedules are established to determine curfew. Policy allows the offender out of the designated residence up to 12 hours a day for work, school or Court Ordered activities only. Verification of whereabouts is required to be provided by the offender.


This is a portable hand-held breathalyzer. The Breath tests can be scheduled every 4 hours or randomly if preferred. The devise will take a photo of the offender at the time the breath test is submitted, along with a GPS point at the time of the breath test, allowing the agency to know where the offender is a the time of the breath test.


  • Client must be employed or have some source of income.
  • Clients must pay $4.00 to $9.00 per day. Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program pays the remaining costs per day for these bracelets. It is a privilege to have a bracelet installed rather than the alternative of incarceration or other consequences. Payments are expected to be made on time.
  • Payment plan drawn up by Court Compliance Officer on 1st visit to Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program. Client reviews Payment Plan and signs agreeing to make payments as arranged. If client will be late making a payment, payment arrangements are to be made with Court Compliance Officer.
  • If no payment is made within any month on SCRAM or SCRAM X bracelets, a probation violation will be filed. Court Order must indicate that bracelet is to be installed by the Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program. If no payment made within any month, bracelet will be removed and Judge will be notified.
  • Client must have phone number where they can be reached from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.
  • Client must have reliable transportation to the Sandoval County DWI & Prevention Program.
  • SCRAM X (House Arrest) bracelets – Client must provide schedule prior to having bracelet installed. Schedule must be submitted for Judge’s approval prior to the installation of bracelet.
  • SCRAM X (House Arrest) bracelets – If emergency event occurs such as death and client must go out of town – client must have Judge approve this prior to leaving. Otherwise, this will result in probation violation being filed for not following schedule.
  • SCRAM X (House Arrest) bracelets – Clients cannot call Court Compliance Officer and make arrangements to change schedule. Schedule change must be approved by the Judge. Failure to return home according to schedule will result in Probation Violation being filed. Remember SCRAM X is a privilege – it is an alternative to incarceration.
  • If client has diabetes, bracelet may not be appropriate. Bracelet may give false positives.

* If clients do not meet the above criteria, they will not be accepted by the Sandoval County DWI and Prevention Program. Client will be sent back to the referring Court as “Not Eligible for Program”.