How do I determine if I meet the 185% of the 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines for the Health Care Assistance Program?

The HCAP Guidelines chart below will assist you in determining if you qualify for the Health Care Assistance Program:

Household SizeGross Monthly Income Gross Annual Income
1 Person$1,799.13$21,589.50
2 Persons$2,425.04$29,100.50
3 Persons$3,050.96$36,611.50
4 Persons$3,676.88$44,122.50
5 Persons$4,302.79$51,633.50
6 Persons$4,928.71$59,144.50
7 Persons$5,554.63$66,655.50
8 Persons$6,180.54$74,166.50

If you meet the HCAP Guidelines and qualify for the HCAP you are eligible to apply for assistance.