Updated 06/01/2020 - 7:58 a.m. MST

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New Mexico Governor's Office Information

NMDOH COVID Self-Screening website: https://cv.nmhealth.org/should-i-get-tested/ - New
NMDOH COVID Screening/Testing website:https://cv.nmhealth.org/public-health-screening-and-testing/ - New

Other Coronavirus Information

Sandoval County Information
  • County EOC Activation Levels:

    Level 4 - Normal Operations and what we are usually at. 98% of all emergencies are handled at the local level and they do not need assistance from the EOC or OEM. No additional EOC staff is required to report to EOC.

    Level 3 - Enhanced Operations for monitoring of events/incidents and resource tracking to ensure that we can handle what is happening or support the on-scene IC with an ongoing event. Can be a virtual activation and additional personnel may or may not be needed to assist the OEM with EOC operations.

    Level 2 - Heightened Operations for assisting as we are extremely low or out of resources and are now needing regional and/or state assistance to handle the event/incident. Additional personnel will be required to help the OEM with EOC operations.

    Level 1 - Full Activation. We will require assistance from the state and we can no longer handle the event/incident at the local level. We have exhausted all our regional resources as well and we will need help from state and possibly federal level. All EOC staff will be required to report in and assist the OEM with EOC operations.

    Right now Sandoval County is at a level 2.

  • Coronavirus Emergency/ Disaster Declaration
  • County Statement about CoVID19 and updated changes
  • Community Services
    Sandoval County Community Services department releases modified list of programs available through April 30th. Read Notice
  • Free Meal Programs for Children
  • Local Grocery Stores Offer Special Hours for Seniors - Updated
  • New Learn at Home Model information about public schools - Updated

Map View of COVID-19 Cases in New Mexico by County