The current gross receipts tax rate in unincorporated portions of Sandoval County is 6.375%. Of that amount, 5.125% is the rate set by the state. That means Sandoval County receives roughly slightly more than a penny for every dollar in taxes paid for a business transaction in the county, with the state receiving a little more than five cent. Tax rates for incorporated areas of the county vary according to how much the individual municipality has added to the state’s 5.125% rate. The county does not receive any gross receipts revenue from transactions in incorporated areas. The table below has current gross receipt rates for various part of the county. This data in the table comes from the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue.

Bernalillo (Town)29-1207.1875%
Edgewood (Sandoval)29-3357.1875%
Jemez Springs29-2177.4375%
Jicarilla Apache Nation (1)29-9316.3750%
Jicarilla Apache Nation (2)29-9326.3750%
Laguna Pueblo (2)29-9226.3750%
Pueblo de Cochiti (1)29-9716.3750%
Pueblo de Cochiti (2)29-9726.3750%
Rio Rancho (Sandoval)29-5247.6875%
Pueblo de San Ildefonso (1)29-9756.3750%
Pueblo de San Ildefonso (2)29-9766.3750%
San Ysidro29-4096.8750%
Sandia Pueblo (1)29-9116.3750%
Sandia Pueblo (2) 29-9126.3750%
Santa Ana Pueblo (1)29-9516.3750%
Santa Ana Pueblo (2)29-9526.3750%
Stonegate Communities TIDD29-0387.6875%
Kewa Pueblo (1) - formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo29-9736.3750%
Kewa Pueblo (2) - formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo29-9746.3750%
Village at Rio Rancho TIDD29-5257.6875%
Remainder of County29-0296.3750%