Board of County Commissioners

Reviews and adopts the annual budget at public hearing. Approves budget resolutions throughout the fiscal year and is responsible for establishing County policies for the development, monitoring and control of the budget as prescribed by State Statute.

County Manager

Reviews and adjusts department requests to present a recommended annual budget to the Board of County Commissioners. Ensures implementation of the annual budget as adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. Makes recommendations to the Board on adjustments requiring approval by resolution. Reviews revenue and expense reports processed by the Finance Department to ensure budgetary controls.

Elected Officials & Department Heads

Manage and monitor division budgets, both revenues and expenses. Appropriations within a department’s annual budget must be expended in accordance with State Statues and Regulations, the Procurement Code and County policy.

Finance Director

Under the direction of the County Manager, the Finance Director is responsible for the oversight of all budget preparations, adjustments, and submission of both the preliminary and final budget. The Director also is responsible for the upkeep of the accounting system, chart of accounts and all annual disbursements of budgeted funds (including payroll).

The Finance Department also reconciles both revenues and expenses and produces financial reports for the appropriate Federal, State and Local governmental authorities.