Apply for a Sandoval County Job

Sandoval County is always recruiting for hardworking, qualified people to join our workforce. If you have a passion for public service and for serving the residents of our county, we could be a great fit for you!

Applying for a job with Sandoval County is easy. Simply find an available position below for which you are qualified, fill out an application and personal integrity questionnaire (PIQ for detention center positions only) and submit to the Human Resources Department before 5 p.m. on the advertised position closing date*. Applications are accepted via email at, fax to (505) 867-9365, mail, and in-person at the Human Resources Office.

Job Application Documents

Note: Resumes are not accepted in lieu of a completed application, but may be attached as supporting documentation. Applications indicating “See Resume” in place of work experience will be considered incomplete. Diplomas, transcripts, licenses or certifications required to establish fulfillment of minimum job requirements must be submitted with the employment application. References identified on the job application must be professional references.

Available Jobs with Sandoval County

Job TitleJob NumberDate OpenDate Closed
Administrative Assistant2K18-07-55July 24, 2018Aug 14, 2018
Appraiser’s Assistant2K18-08-56Aug 7, 2018Aug 24, 2018
Assistant County Attorney2K18-05-39May 17, 2018Open Until Filled
Certified Intern Preventionist, Certified Preventionist, Certified Senior Preventionist2K18-05-34May 14, 2018Open Until Filled
Certified Sheriff's Deputy or Certifiable by Waiver2K18-03-16Mar 16, 2018Sep 13, 2018
Construction and Special Projects Manager2K18-06-43June 22, 2018Open Until Filled
Customer Service Specialist2K18-08-57Aug 10, 2018Aug 24, 2018
Detention Officer2K18-03-10Mar 3, 2018Open Until Filled
Facilities Maintenance Worker2K18-07-51July 18, 2018Open Until Filled
Heavy Equipment Operator2K18-07-54July 24, 2018Aug 14, 2018
Landfill Spotter/Heavy Equipment Operator2K18-08-59Aug 10, 2018Aug 27, 2018
Landfill Spotter/Heavy Equipment Operator Operator Non-CDL2K18-08-58Aug 10, 2018Aug 27, 2018
Road Manager2K18-04-19Apr 17, 2018Open Until Filled
Temporary voting Rights Coordinator2K18-04-23Apr 27, 2018Open Until Filled
Transport Lieutenant2K18-08-60Aug 10, 2018Sep 4, 2018
Vehicle and Equipment Mechanic2K18-07-52July 18, 2018Open Until Filled


Interviews of qualified applicants are conducted by the hiring division. Dependent upon the number of applications submitted and the number of interviews scheduled, the screening and hiring process make take from two weeks to over a month. On average, applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications for a position will receive notice in one to two weeks after the job posting closes. Applicants who are interviewed, but not selected, will receive a notice from Human Resources regarding selection at the conclusion of the process.

Contact Us

Applicants who wish to request a reasonable accommodation, may download a Job Applicant Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form or request one from the Human Resources Office at (505) 867-7505. All requests for reasonable accommodation are confidential.

Please contact the Human Resources Office at (505) 867-7505 if you have questions or require additional information. We are happy to assist you with the job application process.