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Roles & Responsibilities
Presiding Judge (PJ):

Oversees and is in charge of the election board and for maintaining order in the polling location. Maintains oversight of polling area, ensures no campaigning or disruptions interfere with the voting process, and handles the EXCEPTIONS, where a voter must be processed through special procedures.

Specifically, PJs are responsible for:
  • The polling location, equipment, supplies and materials
  • Contact other election board members prior to election day to verify the appointment and polling location directions
  • Supervising poll officials, delegate work and ensures everyone is performing the duties assigned per the County Clerk
  • Maintaining/enforcing impartiality among voters and poll officials
  • Ensuring ballot accounting/reconciliation
  • Handling special situations such as Provisional and Spoiled Ballots
  • Communicating with the County Clerk’s Bureau of Election Office
  • Delivering election items to the County Clerk after poll close
  • Ensures polling location is ADA compliant
  • Receives Absentee Ballot at Polling Locations
Election Judges:
  • Greets voters and directs them to the check in station
  • Monitors traffic flow and keeps it moving at all times
  • Assist voters with any questions
  • Monitors signage throughout the day
  • Monitors voting booth area for supplies and trash
  • Issues sample ballot upon request
  • Operates and monitors the tabulators
  • Ensures polling location is ADA compliant
  • Issues voter permits and ballots
  • Escalates voter transaction exceptions to PJ
  • Assist with ballot reconciliation, as needed
  • Ensures polling location is ADA compliant
Will work with the Native American Tribal Liaisons to ensure they can assist voters with language translation.
Deputy Clerk of Registration (Same Day Registration SDR)
The Deputy Clerk of Registration processes voter registrations at every polling location so the person can vote the same day they register.
Election Technician / Messenger(s):
May deliver ballot boxes, poll books, keys, election supplies and other materials pertaining to the election. Messengers may also be authorized to collect absentee ballots and removable media storage devices from polling places and deliver them to locations designated by the county clerk.