About the Program

The Sandoval County Community Services Department has teamed up with Watermelon Mountain Ranch to offer free pet spay and neuter surgeries to low income pet owners in Sandoval County.

In healthy communities, the pet population should be commensurate with the number of available loving homes. When that’s not the case, what results are unnecessary euthanasia and risks to public safety. Such situations can be significantly mitigated through access to low and no cost spay/neuter programs. In New Mexico alone, nearly 70,000 homeless pets are euthanized every year. This program will help reduce those numbers and create an option for lower income families to also keep their family pet healthier. There are many benefits to spaying or neutering pets. Some of those benefits include: reducing aggressive behavior, reducing marking, reducing cancer risk, reducing tumor risk and much more.

Program Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this County-funded service, you must:

  • Utilize the program for no more than two pets per household
  • Provide proof of residency in Sandoval County
  • Provide proof of income per the table below:

Your Role & Responsibilities

A spay or neuter surgery is just that, a surgery. Post-operative infections can be serious but are easily prevented through proper aftercare of your pet.

Your role as a pet parent means you’ll provide your pet with a safe and peaceful atmosphere in which to recover from surgery and that you’ll follow all post-operative medical instructions. To participate in this program, pet parents must agree to adhere to all post-operative medical instructions provided after your pet’s surgery.

Remember, they’re more than just pets, they’re family!

How to Schedule Your Pet’s Surgery

To schedule your pet for a spay or neuter procedure, or to simply learn more about the program, please call, email or go online to the Watermelon Mountain Ranch Veterinary Clinic at:

(505) 359-1706

Spay/Neuter Program Brochure