Fire Department Adds K-9’s to Rescue Squad

The Sandoval County Fire Department is proud to announce the addition of two new K-9 team members – Quattro and KT. These two K-9’s, along with their human firefighter handlers, work with the Rio Grande Basin Heavy Technical Rescue Team (Rio Grande Basin HTRT) to do search and rescue work. The Rio Grande Basin HTRT is made up of members from the Sandoval County Fire Department, Corrales Fire Department, and Rio Rancho Fire Department. Along with Quattro and KT, the multi-jurisdictional response team provides advanced rescue and emergency medical services within the State of New Mexico and across the United States.

“We are so happy to have Quattro and KT on our team,” said Sandoval County Fire Chief James Maxon. “Having these two dogs on our rescue squad is one  way we compensate for some unique challenges that our department faces. They enable us to further serve the people of Sandoval County.”

In addition to Quattro and KT, there is one more K-9 in training named J.J. At just a year old, J.J. still has about 2 years of training to do before he’s ready to do search and rescue work.

Learn more about the new K-9 additions to the Sandoval County Fire Department from Morgan Aguilar at KOB-TV:

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