Sandoval County, town of Bernalillo partner up to reduce emergency services’ response times

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Sandoval County and the town of Bernalillo have created a partnership with their emergency services to make sure people who request medical services can get them as quickly as possible.

Chief Eric Masterson with Sandoval Fire and Rescue said the partnership was a result of the construction in Bernalillo along 550.

“We noticed along, especially over the bridge there was a bottleneck that was happening and we just could not get around through the traffic to get to Bernalillo and surrounding areas throughout the county,” Chief Masterson said.

Chief Masterson and Bernalillo Fire Chief Michael Carroll said people might notice one vehicle with a different logo at Fire Station 1.

“The partnership between emergency services is essential because ultimately, at the of the day, the person who’s called 911 doesn’t care what the side of the truck says. They just want someone to come help,” Chief Masterson said.

“The way Sandoval County has its stations arrayed for their area they have to cover and also with the town essentially gives us islands of medic units in each one of the little areas that they can get to without having to cross 550,” Chief Carroll said.

Carroll said avoiding the congested areas can help their crew respond as quickly as possible.

“We wanted to get ahead of the situation before we had a potentially negative outcome due to a delay in response,” he said.

The town and county said they came up with this solution before having to respond to any critical calls.

The construction project to widen 550 is supposed to last about two years.