Sandoval County Launches Veterans Hiring Initiative

Sandoval County has launched an initiative to improve the chances of qualified military veterans being hired for county jobs.

The county commission adopted a resolution approving the initiative at its May 7, 2015 meeting. The resolution said the initiative reflects the commission’s desire to “honor our veterans.”

The program does not offer any job guarantees for veterans. However, it does ensure that hiring managers will see the applications of any veterans who meet the minimum qualifications for open positions.

To be recognized as a veteran in the county hiring process, an applicant must fill out the Certification of Veteran’s Status form that will be included as part of every county job posting. The resolution establishing the county’s Veterans Hiring Initiative calls for the program to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Develop a Veterans’ Certification Form, which will be included in every job posting. The Veterans’ Certification Form will identify and certify veterans who are applying for vacancies in county departments.

2. Upon receipt of a veteran’s application, the Human Resources Division will verify that the veteran applicant has received an honorable discharge from the military or verify that the applicant is a member of the National Guard who has completed basic training.

3. The Human Resources Division will identify veterans who meet the minimum qualifications for the posted position from the list of qualified applicants and provide such information to the hiring departments.

4. The department seeking to fill a position will interview a minimum of 4 qualified veterans, if more than 4 such veterans have applied for the position.

5. If a veteran is extended a job offer, he or she must successfully complete all pre-employment and testing requirements for the position offered.

Detailed information on the Sandoval County Veterans Hiring Initiative, including a copy of the resolution approved by the commission, is available on a dedicated section of the county’s website.