Campaign designed to show appreciation for the State’s Corrections Officers

Bernalillo, NM, November 9, 2023: Sandoval County has joined with 15 other New Mexico Counties to show appreciation for Corrections Officers throughout the state by participating in a grassroots public awareness endeavor, New Mexico Corrections Officer Heroes Campaign. This effortaims to educate and inform the public about the important role that corrections officers hold within their facility, their community, and public safety. The campaign is now active across multiple platforms including radio, television, billboard advertising, and social media.

Wayne Johnson, Sandoval County Manager, said “We are very proud of the Sandoval County Detention Center and the corrections officers who serve there. Our Detention Center staff works tirelessly to protect the detainees as well as the community at large. The Center is a critical component of public safety, and we are supportive of this campaign as it brings attention to the importance of these officers and the work that they do.”

Gilbert Armendariz, Warden, of Sandoval County Detention Center, shared, “Corrections officers have a challenging role in public safety, and that role is sometimes misunderstood by the public. These men and women are responsible for the 24/7 care of our detainees, and this care includes assuring inmate safety, assisting in rehabilitation efforts, mentoring, and more. The New Mexico Corrections Officer Heroes Campaign addresses the scope of their work and it shows these officers as the compassionate professionals they are, striving daily to make things better. We are pleased to be part of this endeavor.”

For more information about this campaign, visit, or contact Warden Armendariz at

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