Rules/Process for July 12 Oil, Gas & Water Study Session

The Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners and Sandoval County Planning and Zoning Commission will team up to host a joint public meeting and study session on July 12 for proposed Oil, Gas and Water Ordinance presentations. The Commission’s regular meeting will be followed by a study session which will include the Sandoval County Planning and Zoning Commission. The study session’s objective is to provide dedicated time for all commissioners to learn about various perspectives related to the Oil, Gas and Water issues in Sandoval County.

On July 12, from approximately 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. the Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners will first consider regular agenda items. Once that is completed, the study session will begin and the Planning and Zoning Commission will join the Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners. The study session will consist of four 20-minute presentations that will include summary comments, ordinance drafts, study results and comments by the participating groups. The groups participating include: New Mexico Tech, the Citizens Working Group, the Citizens Working Group Science Committee and the New Mexico Oil and Gas Industry. Presentations by each group will be made in an uninterrupted format.

Each presentation, along with supporting documentation, will be posted/attached to the meeting agenda at least 72-hours prior to the special meeting on the County’s website. Robert’s Rules of Order may be suspended at this study session to encourage open dialog. Following the presentations by each group, there will be a discussion among the participants and the commissioners. There will be no public comment during this meeting and study session and it is expected that members of the audience observe decorum consistent with a professional meeting.

Following this study session, future dates will be arranged for Planning and Zoning Workshops. In addition, the proposed Oil, Gas & Water Ordinance will also be placed on future Planning and Zoning Commission meeting agendas and Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners meeting agendas. Public comment will be permitted at future meetings.

Click here to read through the County’s clarification statement on public comment for the July 12 meeting.