Public Comment Email & Informational Page for Oil, Gas & Water

Sandoval County recognizes the value of public comment and the important role it plays in governing our county. In an effort to ensure that as many voices are heard as possible on the Oil, Gas and Water matter, the Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners, would like the public to submit their comments in writing to The comments sent to this email address will be published weekly on Fridays to the County’s website.

This Fall, once a completed draft ordinance has been discerned, both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners will permit live public comment at the first meeting in which a completed proposed Oil and Gas Ordinance is placed on their respective agendas for action. The County will give notice when these meetings permitting live public comment will be held this Fall. Prior to that time, both the P&Z Commission and the County Commission will be regularly reviewing the written public comments sent to the designated email address.

Because the County will be receiving and reviewing written public comment prior to a completed draft Oil and Gas ordinance, the County will not be permitting live public comment on the Oil and Gas issue at either the P&Z Commission or regular County Commission meetings prior to the completed draft ordinance’s consideration for final action.

In addition, the County has created a web page exclusively for resources and updates for the Oil, Gas and Water matter. The web address of that page is: This is the same page where we will post all written public comments and other relevant materials such as the New Mexico Tech study on this matter.