LEDA to Assist Growing Family Owned Steel Fabricating Company Expansion to Algodones, NM

Pictured (left to right): Wayne Johnson, Sandoval County Manager, Katherine Bruch, Sandoval County Commissioner, Michael Meek, Sandoval County Commission Chairman, Dave Heil, Sandoval County Commission Vice-Chair, Joel Loes, Klinger Constructors, Veronica Akins, VP Akins Manufacturing, Shawn Akins, President, Akins Manufacturing and John C. Shepard, Senior Planner, Consensus Planning.

Thursday, May 26, 2022 – Groundbreaking festivities in Algodones were marked with celebration and sighs of relief. “The challenges faced to get us to today more than a few,” said Shawn Akins, Company President, “Getting here took a lot hard work from many from the permitting and zoning, design approval and financing. Not to mention our employees who work so hard every day – ten to 12 hours a day. We wouldn’t be here today without our employees.”

“We cannot be happier to grow and thrive in the Algodones community. We are very grateful to Sandoval County and SEA for their assistance,” said Shawn Akins, president of Akins Manufacturing. “Our new property is right off the freeway which is a logistical advantage for our businesses. It is perfect. Not sure why we looked anywhere else.”

Established in 2015, Akins Manufacturing was founded by New Mexico natives Shawn Akins, its president, and Veronica Akins, its vice president.

At the February 23, 2022 Sandoval County Commission meeting, $800,000 in County Economic Development Act (LEDA) funds was unanimously approved to support job creation and the company’s relocation and expansion.

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