DWI Awareness Day at the Roundhouse

Sandoval County Prevention and Intervention Division and Sheriff’s Office along with Rio Rancho Police Department joined MADD* New Mexico for DWI Awareness Day at the Roundhouse on January 27, 2023. The event featured several speakers and approximately 20 representatives from DWI prevention, alcohol treatment, law enforcement, and families representing crash victims/survivors. The purpose was to share information and resources regarding the ongoing crisis of impaired driving in New Mexico.

Sandoval County Prevention and Intervention Division provides culturally sensitive and age-appropriate prevention and intervention activities, offers compliance and treatment services to offenders, and works to reduce underage drinking and DWI crashes and fatalities with Designated Driver services and law enforcement operations throughout Sandoval County.Law enforcement agencies throughout Sandoval County conduct DWI stops routinely, and according to Prevention and Intervention, this activity has created “a perceived risk within the community for breaking alcohol laws in Sandoval county.”  More than 67% of 18+ year-old respondents surveyed in the New Mexico Community Survey indicated that they were aware of the likelihood of being stopped by Sandoval County law enforcement officers after drinking too much. This awareness is important because currently Sandoval ranks sixth in the state for the number of alcohol-involved crashes. For more information visit https://www.sandovalcountynm.gov/departments/community-services/dwi-and-prevention/

*Mothers Against Drunk Driving