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What We Do

The Sandoval County Native American Voting Rights Program was created to ensure that the county’s Native American population has equal access to all phases of the electoral process.

How We Serve You

Our team of Native American Voting Rights Coordinators is available to assist you to register for and vote in all primary, general, special and school-board elections held within the county. They also offer training and education on the importance of taking part in the voting process.

Program Services

The Native American Voting Rights Program offers a wide range of services designed to ensure access to the electoral process for members of the Pueblos of Cochiti, Jemez, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Zia and Sandia, as well as the Navajo Chapters of Counselor, Ojo Encino and Torreon.

These services include voter education and awareness training and voter registration drives. Voting rights coordinators travel across the county throughout the year conducting election-focused presentations, workshops and training sessions at schools, community centers, senior centers and other venues such as community health fairs and conferences.

When necessary, the voting rights coordinators also translate election-related material—including ballots—into the appropriate Native language (Keres, Towa, Navajo).

All information provided by the voting rights coordinators is non-partisan. They never advise voters—including those needing language translation assistance—on which candidates or ballot questions to select.

Program Staff

Peter Madalena, Senior (Towa) Voting Rights Coordinator

Provides direct services to the Pueblo of Jemez, Tribal Administration and Community in all phases of the electoral process. Collaborates and network with election agencies, other agencies and local schools; Jemez Valley Public Schools, Walatowa Charter High, Santa Fe Indians School and other school districts. Assist other voting rights coordinators in serving Native American Communities and other citizens and Individuals throughout Sandoval County. Provides (Towa) translations and announcements on election information.

Phone: 505.934.8826

Below, is a photo of the farming area north of Jemez Pueblo.

Sheila Herrera, Keres Voting Rights Coordinator

Provides services in all phases of the electoral process to the Keres Pueblos of Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana and Zia. Also collaborates with our Senior Voting rights Coordinator and Navajo Coordinator with voter awareness and trainings. Offers translation in the Keres language.

Phone number (505) 980-6099


Evelyn Sandoval, Navajo Voting Rights Coordinator
Provides services to the three Navajo Chapters—Counselor, Ojo Encino
and Torreon—located within Sandoval County.
Offers translation services in the Navajo Lanquage.
Phone: 505-238-5600